Whether you own a hotel, spa, resort, fitness facility or other public space or outdoor space with a swimming pool or spa where a member of the public can enter with or without a fee, you are now required by law to provide ADA Compliant Access to your facility’s swimming pool and hot tub.

LifeGuard Lift makes ADA Compliance a simple task. Manufactured in the USA, our line of swimming pool lifts adhere to strict quality guidelines, are the lightest in the industry and competitively priced. We work with pool contractors, distributors and direct to the consumer. Our pool lifts have been installed at large and small hotel chains, private country clubs and resorts across the United States.

LifeGuard Lift also manufactures home-use pool lifts. Our mission is to develop innovative and reliable pool lift equipment with the principal focus on the interests of the user.

To find out how LifeGuard Lift can be your partner in the ADA compliant pool lift industry or the home-use category, contact us at sales@lifeguardlift.com or call 800.688.3958.